SMA help you to think differently about your education organization or business and to make it the best it can possibly be. We will work together to deeply understand your requirements, get to the root cause of organization and personal performance challenges and to identify both critical risks and incredible, emerging opportunities. In partnership, we develop solutions specific to your needs and provide all the expertise, guidance and support you need to help you to execute them successfully.

We optimize the performance of your most important asset: Talent. We work with your leaders at all levels to develop their skills and maximize their impact. By working alongside with you and your team, we will strive to shorten the time taken to achieve the results you want.

Ultimately, execution matters, and we work with you to develop the right capabilities and the organizational capacity to ensure successful execution of the strategy.

Less waste and more speed, Practical and simple, Action-oriented. In SMA we will support your goals by using a combination of Lean and Six Sigma to help you focus on the highest value activities, overcome obstacles, organize efficiently, and bank wins early and often. The promise of Lean Six Sigma becomes your reality.